Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Use an Anti-Virus {Tips-n-Tricks Tuesday}

   What is it with me and weird posts lately? The last post was about a book with zombies and werewolves - this is about running an anti-virus on your computer.

   Well, bear with me here. Let me just tell you this: using a good anti-virus on your computer is very important. It saves you time, money, and stress by wiping away viruses on your computer. You've probably heard commercials before about how viruses can steal your passwords and credit card numbers, make your computer slow, and sometimes render your computer barely usable (if not completely unusable). Some of you might be saying "yeah, of course - I've been using those things forever." But I've found that there are alot of people who use their computers regularly, but never check for viruses. Instead they wait until it's broken really good and ask their nearest related teenager to come fix it. That's not necessarily bad, but sometimes it can get annoying to keep fixing things that could have been easily avoided by the computer owner. Trust me, I'm sort of in the middle somewhere - not the "nerd" and also not the "doesn't-run-anti-virus-person" either. So I also hear the computery peoples' frustrations and I'm putting out a plead today on their behalf: run a good anti-virus on your computer!

   It's really not as complicated as it sounds. Find a good anti-virus and use it. Ask the teenager that fixes your computer what a safe one is (some of them are viruses in themselves - so don't download something unless you or your computer friends trusts the anti-virus) and maybe they'll even help you set it up and teach you how to use it if you offer them some yummy hot chocolate and a plate of spice cookies or some other yummy cookie! I use "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware". If you download it, just make sure you use the update tab in the program before every time you do the scan.

   Then don't forget it! Put it on your calendar if you have to and do a scan at least once a month - or if your computer is acting funny. Your computery friend will thank you for it.

   In closing, I am so thankful for the various anti-virus programs we have had over time. They have wiped out so many nasty viruses. Just think of it. How much money would we spend if we had to replace our computers every time we got a virus, if there was no anti-virus software? Wow. Now you're thankful for it too, aren't you?!


(I am in no way affiliated with "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" and I am not held responsible for anything between you and "Malwarebytes Anit-Malware".)


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  1. Thanks so much Bethany!
    Hey, I noticed your guitar string jewelry listed on the side of your blog. Looks nice! I love the earrings I got from you, in fact I am wearing them right now!!!! Thanks, and you rock!!!!

  2. @wranglerolmata

    Well, thank you! I added it a few days ago. I'm glad you're enjoying the earrings!


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