About Me

Hello, my name is Bethany, I live in the US, and I'm glad you've come to check out my blog! Welcome! I enjoy writing about an assortment of things including cooking, kids, crafts, thrifty things, gardening, Christian conduct, sewing, and many other things. I also love sugary comments and reader participation :D

I am a young adult who is striving to become a "real woman". I don't want to be second-rate or less than I could be. Like the home page of the blog says, if a "real man" holds doors for ladies and fixes flat tires, what does the lady do? Join me on my adventure to discover the answer to this and a jumble of other questions we may find along the way. My desire is to share practical things that we can do together to practice letting the beauty of God be seen through the things we think, say, and do. Join me?

If you have any kind questions or sugary comments, I'd love for you to email me at pursuingtheartofwomanhood(AT)gmail(DOT)com

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