Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soap Snibblings {Tips-n-Tricks Tuesday}

   Does your soap dish every look like this? Lots of random little pieces tossed in. Well, if it doesn't bother you or your family, then leave them be. But if it does, remember you can always melt them together, pour them in a mold, and make your own bar of "recycled" soap.

   You can keep a little container in the cupboard and toss the soap in whenever the bars get too small to use. Then when you've got a supply of them, heat them up in a pan on the stove or straight in the mold in the microwave. Viola! A thrifty bar of soap! And it didn't even take very long at all. No more soap slivers down the drain or in the trash!

   If you'd like to guest-post a "Tips-n-Tricks Tuesday" for the fun of it, or have a subject you'd like to know if I have any tips about - let me know!

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