Friday, December 2, 2011

Introducing...Fret Knot Jewelry, And In-Store Money GIVEAWAY!!!

   Over the end of the summer and into the fall of this year I've been playing around with making jewelry out of recycled guitar strings. So, after getting a collection of ideas, I've decided to start an online store and sell them. Below are some pictures of the things I make.

   The name was chosen with it's double-meaning in mind. God tells his children often in the Bible to "fear not" - and the name reminds me of such. I'll probably go into the name more in future posts.

   Come check them out at my new Facebook page! I would absolutely love any comments, tips, or constructive criticism about the page, as it's just getting off the ground. So check it out and feel free to look around!

"Wire-Wound Cross" Necklace

"Artistic Heart" Necklace

   All the guitar string jewelry is made out of recycled guitar strings. If it wasn't made into pretty jewelry, it would have been dumped into a land-fill.

"Basic Wrap" Bracelet

"Christmas Tree" Necklace

   These are so fun to make! They're also unique so they can be great gifts for those ladies you know who "have everything". You don't happen to know anyone like that do you? (laugh) I think anyone who lives in America often encounters THAT problem.

"Corkscrew" Earrings

   Like that little catch-phrase there? :D For a week only, you get $3 off your purchase when you blog about Fret Knot Jewelry. This is a blog-only offer - which means I'm not announcing it on Facebook. (Oh wait, I'm actually going to put it on Facebook - sorry about changing it on anyone who already read this before my edit!) So take advantage of it while you can! The rules are simple: blog something nice about Fret Knot Jewelry, and send me a link to your post (PursuingTheArtOfWomanhood(AT)gmail(DOT)com). Note: this in-store credit MUST be used before the start of the new year, or it is forfeited. And yes, there ARE items that cost $3, so you could potentially get something free and just pay shipping - how nifty is that!?
   I'm so sorry, to those of you who don't have a blog - I was wanting to do  a contest for who can get the most people to "like" my page, but this is against Facebook rules. Well, I'm a softy. So anyone (except those who blogged about Fret Knot Jewelry) who places an order during this week gets $1 off. Does that make you feel at least a little better?
   Both deals end 12-9-11 at 1pm, EST.

   Feel free to check out these items and more at the "Fret Knot Jewelry" Facebook page.
   "Like" the page and keep your eyes open for sales and future giveaways!

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