Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let Those Men Be Men!

Usually when our family goes to get hay for the animals, our dad is the one who heads up the expedition :D But this time, after a series of events, one of my sisters and I ended up being the two that headed out to get the hay. We came out to the farm at baling time and were planning to grab some hay straight from the field. I parked by the side of the road, but then realized that wasn't such a good idea (it's a long walk when you're carying bales of hay!). Now I must say that I am not too good at backing up a trailer, but I accidentally drove past the field entrance. Oh shoot.... The wife of the man who was baling hay was there and when she found out I wasn't so sure about backing up, she volunteered her son's service (he was perhaps in his mid-20s?). He gladly backed it up and even pulled the truck into the field. Then he said, "Do you want me to help you guys load it up?" I responded..."Sure, if you don't mind and you don't have anything else you need to do." He said he would stay. So I drove (how did I get the easy job? Ha ha!) and my sister and the man tossed in the bales of hay. They must have been sweating hard because those were dense bales (heavy!) and I was sweating just sittin' in the truck! We drove around the field and the man who was baling helped us a bit at the end after he finished up. The two helped us strap down the hay and then both of the men gave sweaty grins as my sister and I heartily thanked them and drove off.

At some point during our hay-gathering, it struck me: those men love being men. They new how to work hard and weren't afraid of a little sweat. The son just came on over and helped us ladies load all that hay. For nothing. No reimbursement besides a big thank-you. But I think perhaps he got a bigger reimbursement than that. He got to feel like a man. Work like a man. And be strong like a man. There were ladies trying to do some hard work, and the guy wanted to help them. Give 'em some muscle. Help out the ladies.

When times come when men want to use more muscle than me and help out, I usually oblige them. A man has to feel like a man. The more you learn and the more you study, the more you'll see that not only do women often like a man to come "save" her from a hard situation, but men love to save the ladies. Not in a weird way, but in a manly, protecting way to any lady that may come his way.

So, my desire for you today is to just let a man be a man! Let him have opportunity to help a damsel in distress and you too might get a hard-working man with a sweaty grin to come to your aid! Though note that I am not saying to flirt with them any more than a man holding the door for a lady does. As a man holds the door for strangers, so you can let a man help you out that you don't know. (Of course men who know you can help you out too).

One final note. Don't be wimpy. Don't be weak and overly needy. Men do not like that. As with anything, either extreme can be over-the-top. If you pretend to be overly weak and needy, he'll run the other way. He doesn't want to get stuck with trying to help a lady who can't, and won't, do a squat. They want to HELP us and show us how they can do a manly job of it.

Let the men be men. It comes from deep in their soul. Ask them once. Ask a real man once. They'll tell you it's so.


  1. Wonderful post, it is wonderful to let men be men, I know that when my son and his friends are doing good hard work, you can just see them light up. Great read!! ~April

  2. So true! Thanks! (sorry I didn't reply sooner, somehow I missed your comment)

  3. Love this blog! Just beautiful and so true!!!


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