Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Divided" The Movie

I've seen a link to this movie on a few other blogs, and feel I should pass it along too. It really is a very interesting video. Personally, this video is coming at a time in my life where I am thinking through what a church really is supposed to do, and what God wants in a church body. There are so many churches nowadays that so many people can easily label "dead", "stagnant", "boring", "empty" - the list goes on. So many people are being hurt by churches. And the more involved a person becomes, the more risk there seems to be of getting hurt. You choose to either stand for what's right and get hurt, or conform to un-Biblical beliefs and become an empty Christian.

Take a look at this video - it's only free to watch through September I think.. When you're done, research the matter further. And then research it some more. It really deserves our attention.

Got some link-ups for ya! Sorry the top one doesn't have a picture :) But don't look over it!



  1. Hi Bethany :)

    Thank you so much for posting, and for linking to Homemaker Hand Guide. I'm sorry that my picture was not working, I think I fixed the issue now :)
    I will definitely have to go and watch this movie! Thank you again, :) Jacinda

  2. Ooh good. I actually just came across your blog, so It's my first link-up with you. I'll have to use it again the next week you've got it :) Plus it sounds like the picture will work. Super!


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