Friday, June 17, 2011

So What's This All About?

 The Name

Yes, I realize the name of this blog sounds a bit anti-feminist. I'm sorry.  Feminism is a touchy thing. I don't want any heated feminism debates here so I will get it out now. I half like feminism, half don't. I like that ladies can make their own choices, but don't like that it's turned us into this odd female-male...mixture...thing. Deep down inside me I want to be a lady. I want to wear skirts when I'm feeling pretty, go to little girls' tea parties, and some day care for my own dear prince charming. I want to be unique. A woman. I want to be worth more than rubies - not some sort of in-between, mediocre lady. And I have decided to take this deeply engrained desire...and pursue it. Join me?

Now back to the name of this blog.... In choosing the name I played with many words, but found that they all sounded, well, anti-feminist - any words like "womanly", "ladylike", "gentlewoman", "young lady", etc. So finally, I decided to go with the name that seemed to best fit my goal for this blog: to "pursue" (to chase after) the "art" (I am finding that it is indeed not a mere job or thing-you-should-do, but a delicate art) of "womanhood" (encompassing every part of being a woman - the state, quality, and everything we choose, as a woman, to do).

The Reason

Over the past few years - well, months especially - I have been learning lots about the art of what it means to be a "real man" and what it means to be a "real lady". As I take a look around it seems easy to describe a "real man". Oh, and by a "real man", I mean a classy man. Not a slut. Not a baggy-clothes-only man. Not a suit-only man. Not a goody-two-shoes man, but one of those good, classy men. Do you get the picture? I feel like it's so easy to see what they do that I could make a whole list right here of what might be some things some manly things: holding doors for ladies, bringing home fresh-caught fish for dinner, canoeing through dangerous rapids, fixing clanky cars, grilling mean burgers, saving a lady from inevitable peril, carrying a pocket knife at all times, riding motorcycles...FAST!..., hammering things together, knowing how to shoot a rifle, rototilling a way-too-big garden for his favorite damsel, having the ability to survive in the wilderness, or perhaps doing twenty one-handed push-ups in a row. Do you get the picture NOW? Every real, strong man might not be all of these things, but he is that man that when we see him our hearts skip a beat. We say: "Wow! He is ALL man!" So now comes the question that I pose: if this is a real man....then what is a real lady? I, honestly, had a very hard time coming up with an answer to this question at first, and so did some fellow ladies around me. But now I am jumping out on a limb. Taking a leap of faith. Pursuing what it means to be a real woman.

How It's Gonna Work
I am going to post something several times a week that are practical things you can do to help you work towards being a "better" lady. I'm doing these things too so feel free to comment on any posts! There are plenty of categories we should be able to touch on, including sewing, kids, gardening, music, cooking, beading, entrepreneurship, cleaning, etc. All great things for a truly classy young woman to be able to do! These are written FROM a young, single woman and are written FOR all you other young single women who are reading this blog. Whether you are trying to figure out what in the world you're supposed to do, or if you just need a little motivation, here is a place you can pull up your chair and stay a while! I'll put up a general post for each area, and then dive into practical things we can do.

In Closing
I know, some of you may still be upset with me with ten million reasons why I sound anti-feminist, or pro-feminist for that matter. Read the first paragraph again. I tend to think that equality doesn't have to mean do-everything-the-same-whether-you-are-a-guy-or-lady, but that we each have a right to chose whatever we want. The genders are obviously different. Physically and emotionally. So instead of trying to be the same and being BORING - let's keep life fun! Differences and traditions (of which I will also get into) keep life exciting. Let's face it ladies: being the same as a guy is often not fun. It's not romantic. It's not natural. It's not as adventurous. It's not as elegant. There is no prince charming. There is no princess to be rescued. There is no rare artwork that fits together in two distinct pieces. Life the same = boring. Life unique = an adventure....

So I would like this blog to be "all lady". I want to post "the good, the bad, and the ugly!"Besides, I don't know about you, but I want to get one of those real men for my prince charming. And if I were to get that real man, but be a less-than-real lady myself, I would feel like a miserable and selfish young lady. And still, what better way is there to get a real man, than to be a real woman?


  1. I just found your blog and I LOVE it!!! I found a "real man" and am marrying him in 12 weeks, but am still trying to be the "real lady" he deserves & the true woman God has called me to be. Although I'm sure you're a bit younger than me, we are striving towards the same goal & I am so excited to have found your blog!


  2. Hello! I'm glad you found my blog and like it. That is so sweet that you have found your "real man". Congratulations! All I can say is that I wait for the day!

    I hope you enjoy your stay :)



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