Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Art of Sisterhood

Have you ever wished that you and your sister got along better? Sometimes we look at the Jones' and say "Gee, I wish my sister and I got along as good as you girls do!" Well, just because we might not get along doesn't mean there is no hope.

I know you young ladies may not want to hear this, but in order to "make your sister get along with you" someone has to put the first effort into it. Someone has to take the first step - that unfailing love that shows her you care no matter what. Just because she may be grumpy doesn't mean you have to.

I can't vouch for young ladies with older sisters, because I am the oldest sister in my family. But it seems like it would be more difficult to get along with them simply because we feel like they are older and should be the ones to take initiative. But it can be you. Hold your tongue when you want to say something mean and brush off her rude words. Try to compromise. Ask her to go places with you or do things with you.

As for younger sisters, it is actually really easy. This much I can vouch for. But just because it's easy doesn't mean I always show that I care, and it doesn't mean that you always show that you care. All little sisters want it to know that they are important to their big sisters. Just do something with them. Invite them to go somewhere one-on-one with you. Take them to the mall with you once and they may just love you all week (or even longer!). Let them help you bake cookies - they'll be so proud. Play dress-up with them - they'll love it. Any little kind gesture that includes your little sister and she will love you. Also remember to be a peacemaker. Compromise. Don't yell at the top of your lungs every time they do something stupid. Be patient and show them what they should do instead. Sisters love peacemakers that care about them. If they know that you can handle a tough situation with patience and work it out fairly, they will come to you looking for help because they know they can count on you.

I will be honest. Sometimes people tell my sisters and I that they are jealous of us, and that we get along so well. Honestly, it sort of makes me sad. I know that I am by no means the best sister on the planet, and yet people wish they could be like us. How is it that no one has taught us how to love eachother and get along? Why does no one tell us these things? Getting along with our sisters makes our lives much more pleasant. There is minimal yelling, and someone you can always count on for help and encouragement. There is nothing like a built-in friend when life comes crashing in on us. It is indeed an art that is more beautiful the more it is practiced.

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