Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Art of Sewing

This particular art seems to be one that most women wish they could do, though half of them admit to not being good at it at all. Sewing isn't all that hard. Yes, some people can create immaculate and intricate designs on a 4 inch piece of cloth, but some sewing is quite basic. As long as you line everything up straight, it should usually work out :)

So why do so few women know how to sew? Isn't it an instinct that all women know? I've found that many men and women alike tend to think so. Well, a few decades, or perhaps centuries ago, practically every woman DID know how to sew. The sad truth is that somewhere the art got lost. Somewhere between a Victorian artistic sampler and our own crooked-excuse-of-a-quilt, the art was lost. Long ago it was considered both art and necessity. Though quilts, wall hangings, and samplers were all intricate pieces of art, we must not forget the mending and darning of torn clothes!

Some people might say that the age of computers took away this previous pastime, but I tend to think it came some time even before that. My own mother, respectfully, is no seamstress, though she wasn't raised with a computer. Nor is my grandmother. And so, was my great-grandmother good at sewing? I don't know if she was an artist of tiny embroideries, but I can say that she made plenty of potato-sack dresses back in the Depression. How far back do you have to go in your family to find a good "seamstress?"

The art of sewing may have been lost "somewhere back there", but that doesn't mean we have to leave it there. There are plenty of young women today learning how to sew. Anything from quilting and cross-stitching to fitting a too-baggy shirt and designing a cute purse. Sewing is still around today, with an added modern flare. Go use your favorite search engine and check out some of the neat clothing and other cloth articles that are being made today. You may be surprised at what you find!

Whether you are the master seamstress, have never sewn a stitch in your life, or are somewhere in between, I encourage you to learn and experiment all you can. There is something so womanly, so...feminine and appealing to a man about a woman that can sew. To many a man she seems thrifty and intelligent to know how to fit "those cut apart scrap things" together. Don't give up! No matter how bad you think you are. Just try again and be sure to measure, take your time, and be sure it's all straight. Happy sewing!

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