Friday, June 24, 2011

How To Custom-Fit A Large T-Shirt

Have you ever had one of those t-shirts that are just way too huge? Well I've recently found that there are more options than tying it up with a pony-tail (still a little sloppy sometimes) or cutting it in fringe up the side and tying it together (you have to wear a shirt under it so you don't show skin up the sides!). Yes it does involve sewing, but it's not too hard. With a little bit of practice and patience, you'll be on your way to becoming your own personal tailor :D Remember, sewing is much more than a sampler or grandma's quilt. Sewing is the same art, plus a modern flare that allows us to tailor our clothes to whatever style we prefer.

Try this on a shirt that is unimportant to you first, until you get the hang of it.

1. Lay your big t-shirt, inside out, on a flat surface.
2. Lay a t-shirt that fits you well over the large one, lining up the neck and top of the sleeves.
3. Trace up the sides and bottom of the sleeves along the well-fitting shirt and onto the large shirt.
4. Sew along the lines.
5. Try it on inside out. If it fits well, cut off the extra fabric around the edges about 1 inch away from the new stitches you just made. If it doesn't fit too well, either tear out the stitches and start over (be patient!), or add another line of stitches to make it a little smaller.

Ta da!! Now your t-shirt fits you! If you're still having trouble, search youtube for tutorials. You can also search there for how to dart a shirt in other ways.

Here are a few pictures of my own project. I apologize in advance for the picture quality. I admit that I was much more involved with sewing than taking good pictures!

(Above: laying out shirt.)
(Above: Lining up smaller shirt over larger shirt.)

 (Above: tracing the smaller shirt.)

(Above: Stitching along traced line.)
(Above: Stitching along traced line.)
(Above: trying on the stitched shirt inside-out.)

(Above: cutting off excess cloth.)

Alright, now it's your turn to pursue some womanly arts! Go try it!!!

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