Monday, June 27, 2011

The Art of Literature

And I'm talking about GOOD literature. Yes, an intriguing story is quite enjoyable and a great way to relax, but don't  forget there are other purposes for books too! Here are a few genres to remind us of.

1. Children's books. They often have such cute, lighthearted stories. Go ahead, read one! And, while you're at it, brighten up a little one's day by reading it to them. Kids of all ages enjoy being read to. Sometimes amidst the books we read for ourselves, we forget about the little ones. Any young lady who can take hours of their day to read their favorite book, but can't stop to read a single book to a child, is brushing up against the act of being selfish. Especially young children who can't read good or at all love it when people older than them take the time to captivate them in an exciting story - even if it's only 10 pages long! It is important to them, and takes only a few minutes for you. So grab a little sibling, sprawl out on the couch together, and read a good book.

2. Home-repair. I know. You're thinking "what?!" Even though we are ladies, doesn't mean we can't know some basic home repair. In fact, a guy likes to have a lady that knows a little - just enough to be able to help him out as he does the trouble-shooting and main repairs. Although many of us young ladies don't have our own homes or husbands yet, it's good to know these things before we find ourselves with two crying babies while stressing over a leaky faucet! What do you do if the toilet keeps running? If you have two hoses on, the pressure-tank gets bogged down, and water turns to a dribble out the faucets? What do you do if you blow a breaker? Yes, a guy does like to help out his lady and do these things, but they also like it if you know a little so you can help - or at least so you can nod as he's explaining it and at least know what he's talking about!

3. Foreign language. Though it can be a big thing to tackle and isn't necessarily something that's "ladylike", knowing a second (or third!) language can be helpful and enjoyable. Some women who have children are even learning sign language so they can use it to communicate with their babies. I believe I read somewhere that it actually causes them to speak sooner because they are used to communicating and want to continue to in whatever way is possible.

4. Survival skills and how-to. I realize this sounds manly. I'm sorry. It does. But I'm talking about the survival skills that ladies need while the man is out hunting wild game with his hand-made bow and arrow set. Traditionally and culturally, ladies always seem to be the ones who mend the wounds in sticky situations - whether it's a hole from a gun-shot or just a scraped knee. (I do realize there are many male doctors, but in settings outside hospitals, it often tends to be the un-trained lady caring for the wounds). Birthing. I won't go into detail, but some people think this is an important, un-common, yet relatively easy skill. And you don't have to be in the woods to use this skill. There are a number of women who have their babies before they make it to the hospital room. There are plenty other survival skills. You could also choose the less nitty-gritty how-to skills such as couponing, multi-tasking, marriage, sewing, gardening, beading, finances, etc.

5. Self-help. These can be quite helpful with whatever you want help with. A real person to help you work through whatever it is you want to know about (marriage, breaking addictions, etc.) is super helpful. But if a book is all you can get your hands on, it can also be very helpful.

What do you think are some categories of good books that are exhorting and helpful?

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