Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving in a Crockpot {Tips-n-Tricks Tuesday}

   Well, first of's not's Wednesday! Sorry about my tardiness.

   This "tip-n-trick" is really very simply said: make some of your Thanksgiving meal in a crockpot. Some things can be made the day before Thanksgiving, but ultimately, you're gonna have a full stove the day of! So stick some things in a crockpot or two. You can find recipes online of how to make some parts of the meal from start to finish.

   Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


  1. I'm doing this! :) We are having barbeque chicken sandwiches instead of turkey, so I am so excited to have it going in the crockpot while I bake our sides & pie!!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Bethany!

  2. @Heather

    Sounds yummy! Though I must admit, I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner and don't think I'd want to give up the traditional turkey.

    We usually split the food-making among the family so our stoves don't overflow. But we do use a big 'ole roaster for our turkey!

    Thanks! Blessings to you too!

  3. This is our first year without the turkey & when I lived close to family we split everything up, too! :) With just my husband & I, though, it's just not practical to bake up a big turkey!

    My mom makes a special casserole every Thanksgiving (that I now have to make myself) ~ it's just not Thanksgiving without it! As long as that's baking in the oven & my husband is next to me, my holiday is complete! :)


  4. @Heather

    Oooh. Well that makes sense.

    Sorry you can't spend it with the rest of your family. But that is so sweet that you two are so happy and content to just be together :D And really, who needs a giant meal for a happy and complete holiday, right? Sounds like you've got it :D

  5. Reply: aww, thank you so much! why don't you add some of your drawings in a blogpost? I think you are probably really good since you seem so creative! Anyway, God bless! PS.. Great tips!

  6. @Ina

    Awww. Well thanks for the encouragement! I'll have to keep that in mind and consider it for a future post :D


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