Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tomato Plants From Seed

Ready to be transplanted to a bigger pot, these where started in the bottom of an egg carton.

   Today I want to encourage you to really look in to growing your own tomato plants if you don't already. By growing your own tomato plants you know how they were raised, and you can also grow the plants from seeds you have saved in a previous year. Plus you get a little something to stifle any cabin-fever that may be tapping on your door this time of year!

   Growing your own tomato plants from seed is actually pretty easy. There are lots of complicated and expensive gadgets that you can buy, but if you're just starting out, I'd suggest to just follow a couple basic steps. Here you go:

1. Put soil in pots.
2. Put 1-2 seeds on top the soil and sprinkle very thinly.
3. Set pots right next to a south-facing window (or put a light above them that is always on during the day, and off at night).
4. Water and fertilize as desired.
5. Transplant to bigger pots if and when necessary.

   Now isn't that just super easy? I think so. You should give it a try! It's also SO much cheaper than buying pre-started plants from the store. Click here for a GREAT place to shop for seeds. Baker Creek Seeds is my top pick and favorite seed place to shop. (I'm in no way affiliated with them - just love their products and service.)

   So what are you waiting for? Get some seeds, grab some pots, and start planting before it's too late!

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