Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scraping off the Symptoms {Did You Know Tuesday}

   Sometimes when plants are getting chomped on by a horde of bugs, what do we do? We spray them. But when we do this we are simply masking the real problem. It's like scraping off the bumps when a person gets chicken pox and saying they're all better! Yes, if you are overrun by bugs it's not just because the bugs were hungry, it's because something's not right in the garden.

   Keep this in mind next time you've got some garden troubles and dig a little bit deeper into the issue. Look up information or ask someone who may know. Learn to ask "why" the bugs are munching your plants. Insects and disease aren't the problem - they are the symptoms.


  1. GREAT tip! Thank you!! I grow a garden on my patio (I actually just did a series about it) and thankfully we have not had a big problem with pests yet! I think because we are on the second floor and our vegetables are planted in pots and not the ground we avoid a lot of the common problems. Hoping we don't run into pests this year :)

    1. Yeah, that probably does make a difference. At least now you'll know what to do if anything shows up!


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