Friday, March 2, 2012

New Stuff at "Fret Knot Jewelry"

My latest favorite bracelet :)

   Have you been keeping up to date with some of the new things at Fret Knot Jewelry? Don't worry - I can barely keep up with them myself!

   For those of you who may have not heard, Fret Knot Jewelry is a little jewelry business I've been working on getting going for a while now. I make jewelry out of recycled guitar strings and sell them. Many stringed-instrument players I know are pleased to think that their old strings, that would have otherwise gone in a landfill, are given to me and turned into works of art to be used again.

This one actually isn't super new, but I thought you ladies might like looking at this one too :)
   I've been posting alot of new items lately, but I also love the adventure of custom orders.

   I invite you to come check out my page here and "like" it on Facebook. After we reach our first 50 likes, there'll be a giveaway! Yup! I said it! GIVEAWAY!! One of those favorite blogging words :)

For those who do
the "ear cuff" thing.

Triangles, triangles...

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