Sunday, October 23, 2011

Don't Assume The Worst...

    The man/woman who doesn't make it a habit to assume the worst of others is a great person. When you comment about something a kid does, he doesn't point to your own daughter next to you and say "you mean her"? And when you don't show up on Sunday he doesn't say "sleep in this week?", instead he asks if you were with a fellow church that week.
   And indeed, your daughter wasn't the one you were talking about....and indeed, you hadn't slept it - you were helping out at another church.
    What if he HAD made the negative comments toward you? If he did, he must think you're a slob - that you can't handle your own kids and can't set the alarm clock. Some friend HE is.... and to think those comments seem so innocent. The one commenting may think they're right, but let's not chance it. Think about it. What cruel things to say. Your poor daughter is torn by the comment. And in your mind you're being called a slob. You may not realize it going on....but it's writing it's thoughts on your sub-conscious mind - telling you a bad message about your daughter and about yourself.
    I have witnessed the first happen today - someone asked if "it was your kid". I also witnessed the second one, though for this one I'm joyed to say that it was the better question of "you must have been at a fellow church this week?"
    So think twice my friends. Let's try to not assume the worst of others. This can be the difference between caring for fellow Christians as God commands...or tearing them down.

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  1. I have to agree with this...very deep and very true.

  2. @wranglerolmata

    Glad to hear. I hope it is encouraging to you!


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