Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Clean Way To Butter A Pan {Tips-n-Tricks Tuesday}

   Many healthy-bound bakers have long given up Pam for real butter to keep their bread from sticking in the pan. No, no no, not your neighbor Pam...the non-stick spray! (I know...bad pun...sorry. Tee hee!)

   Well, I was buttering a loaf pan recently when I came upon this interesting trick. For me it worked well because I didn't want my fingers to get all greasy from the VERY soft butter. We didn't have any hard sticks of butter (refrigerated or frozen) to rub on the pan - all we had was the soft butter in the butter dish that sits on the counter. I would have literally had to gob it onto my hand and smear it on the pan. Yeah...I could have just told myself to deal with it, but hey, I thought of a better way!

   So instead, I swiped some onto the back of a spoon and smeared it onto the pan with that. And my fingers didn't get greasy at all! I bet it would also be good for the moms out there. That way when you have to chase Tommy halfway through the job your hands will be butter-free!

   This method really only applies if your butter option is mushy, (though now that I discovered it, I think I'd actually prefer it to peeling back the wrapper of a hard stick and rubbing it on).

What's your favorite way to smeeeear on the butter? :P 

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