Friday, January 27, 2012

That One Hour is the Best Time of Day....

   I can't recall how it all started, but somewhere in the last few weeks one of my little siblings convinced me to pull out some of my old toys. Playmobils. I used to love those things and would play with them almost every day. Personally I think the prices have gone up in the few years that it's been since I would get the for every Christmas and birthday, but I wouldn't know because I wasn't the one buying them. Then again I guess all toys are quite expensive for the hunks of plastic that they are, if you ask me. But that's a discussion for another day!

   Well regardless, we've now been playing them a couple days out of each week. And I tell you, it is the highlight of her day. I had to set a certain time of the day to play, and for a certain length of time - otherwise I would get badgered more than the already 3-10 times a day before the event about "is it time yet?"

   I also want to share how the story has progressed. It's cute. First of all it started out that my people were settlers in the west. There was a market where they went to buy things. Then another sibling came in (an older one who wanted more adventure). The new addition meant the sister who was originally playing now hired the newcomer's Spanish body-guard and stable-hand to protect her family's girl from kid-nappers who were lurking in the area. This part was inspired by the old shows of Zorro, if you're wondering.

   The Spaniards finally captured the kid-nappers whom the Spaniards had actually been following for a long time. They actually weren't a body-guard or stable-hand by trade, but were under cover to "get the bad guys." The wielder or the two Spaniards got tired of playing and the game continued with just two of us after the kid-nappers were captured. Next there was alot of birthday parties, the family got snowed in at their friends' house, and a couple baby animals and people born in this time too.

   Next she decided her family was actually royalty and the king just died. So her family went to take over the castle. After this, the Spaniard-wielder decided to return to the "game". Needless to say, last time we played there was a Spaniard hiding in a secret room in the castle because a person from the past who lived in the castle wanted to kill him and now he is afraid to come out of hiding.

   He's also the son of the new kings best childhood friend who just died in the same battle as the king. Talk adventure?

   So don't be afraid to pick up the toys and play with the kiddos. Yes, sometimes it's boring and there are other things I need to do - but if you make a set time, you can at least plan for it. And it just makes their day! Calling siblings and mommys! Play with the little kids! They might even get you laughing by their wacky stories like the one above.

   (I'm in no way affiliated with Playmobil.)

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