Thursday, January 5, 2012

Smoothies the EASY way

   Making smoothies is awesome - let me tell you. I love a morning smoothie for breakfast. Here are some reasons why I love smoothies.

1. It makes me feel so good and it doesn't sit heavy in my stomach like bread or bacon and fried potatoes.
2. Practically all cereal is pretty bad for people to eat. Do your own research. So smoothies are a great alternative.
3. They only take a few minutes to toss together
4. Smoothies can be super healthy for us.
5. It is really easy for the body to digest.
6. They are so versatile to make - you can usually just use what you have on hand instead of having to buy too many "extras" for ingredients.
7. Smoothies don't taste healthy if you do it right. They are very tasty and even kids love them.

   Alright. I'll call that a long enough list. When I first tried making smoothies I didn't know where to start. The recipes had fruits we never have on hand and ingredients I'd never heard of. But I'm determined to save you the frustration and show you that it doesn't have to be so complicated. So grab your blender or food processor and I'll teach you how to make any flavor you can dream of! The recipe here is enough for one adult serving.

   Note that all measurements are approximate - don't sweat it. Just dump in "about that much".

Put the following basics into your blender:
- 1 small to medium banana
- 1/2 to 3/4 C fruit of choice
- 1/3 C greens (spinach, kale, chard, etc. - fresh from your garden, perhaps!)
- 1 1/2 to 2 C drinkable liquid (homemade yoghurt, coconut water, milk, juice, kefir, or just water)

Blend it up and YUM!!!

   But wait, it gets better! That's just the basics. Now you can jazz it up even more and make the flavor even better as well as make it even MORE HEALTHY. Here are some things I add to mine:

- 1 Tblsp frozen juice concentrate (adds lots of yummy flavor!)
- 1 Tblsp raw honey (only if the banana is under-ripe and if there isn't any frozen concentrate, otherwise it doesn't need the extra sweetener)
- about 2" slice of coconut meat (makes it creamier tasting and is good for you)
- Liquid minerals (these can get pricey, but is also really good for you and can be found at a health-food store - follow directions for serving size on the bottle)
- 1/2 teas powdered "super-foods" (like spirulina, beetroot powder, and hemp) (these look gross and taste gross eaten straight, but you can't even tell they're in the smoothie when you eat it mixed in. I would strongly suggest looking into getting some as they are so good for you.)


   Some of the latter ingredients might be making you tip your head in curiosity. Do a quick search and see what you can learn about how good these things are for you. I put the "weird" ingredients at the end, so you could feel more comfortable to make a simple smoothie and work your way up to some more complicated stuff. Once you get in the routine, it's super easy.

   Try it! I challenge you. I'm fairly certain you won't regret it. And remember, kids like them too, so don't leave them out!

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  1. Great post Bethany! I love smoothies! I have been adding kefir in mine.

    I'd love for you to add this post and others you see fit to my weekly link up Healthy 2day Wednesdays every week until Saturday evening!

  2. @Rachel @ day2day joys

    Thanks! And kefir completely slipped my mind. Thanks - I will have to edit it and add that to the "liquids" list. We took a break from kefir when we didn't have milk for a few weeks and never ended up getting them again. (But we've got water kefir, which will probably be a future post.)

    I'll check out your link up and definitely visit there in the future. Thanks for the invite!

  3. Bethany, I love your post on smoothies!! Healthy ones, too!! Welcome to 'EOA'. It is so much fun to explore the wonderful things God has given us to eat, so I am glad you are helping get the word out about a tasty, easy, nutritious alternative to bacon and gravy ;)Blessings!

  4. @Jacqueline @

    I'm glad you like the post. I hope it will really encourage people to just try it by putting it in relatively simple terms. I am so excited for when we have our own home-grown greens to put in them!

    Though I admit, I do love bacon and gravy ;) - there's no doubt about it. But I've found I feel much better when I start the day off with something more easily digestible! Thanks for the encouragement!


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