Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Dirt Is Alive!!! {Did You Know Tuesday}

   There is over a million living organisms in 1 teaspoon of soil. Isn't that crazy?! Maybe even a little creepy. That means that there is 768 million organisms in one gallon of soil. That's alot. But keep in mind that some are good and some are bad - so you don't want to go and kill them ALL. You want the good ones to hang around.

   "Kill them?" You may ask. "How would I even do that?" Well, a major con about buying potting soil at the store is that there are no live organisms in it. They burn out all the organisms with heat. The reason they do it is to get rid of the bad organisms that might make your plants sick or die, but they kill the good organisms in the process. Poor little guys! :( Those good organisms will make your plant thrive, and will make them healthy. What I like to do instead is use rich soil from the yard (along with a little sand or coconut coir for drainage) and make sure I feed it with good organisms - usually in the form of compost from the pile. Or if you do use potting soil, be sure to add some finished compost in.

   Next time you dig in the dirt, say hi to all your organism friends ;-)

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