Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pinterest: the Plunge....and Input From YOU

A recent addition to my jewelry page
   I've been avoiding Pinterest. I didn't want to become addicted because I know many people already have self-proclaimed addictions. Similar to Facebook in that way. But recently a relative pointed out to me that it would be a great way to get my guitar string jewelry "out there". People could pin my pictures all over. So I decided to start one with the purpose of helping promote my guitar string jewelry, while saving a couple neat things along the way. And I HAVE already found some other neat stuff....for home organizing, food stuffs, etc.

   That said I am now on Pinterest and I send you all a formal invitation: come follow me!

Follow Me on Pinterest

   On a second note I want to ask you, my blog readers, your opinion on something. I currently have it set up on this blog that you can subscribe to it by email and/or follow with Google. So my question to you all is this: is there another people-connecting gadget that you wish was on this blog? If there is, let me know and I might consider it. I just want to make sure everyone is nice and comfy here during their stay! :)

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