Friday, September 16, 2011

When You Look In The Mirror....

    I came across this quote recently....I don't remember where. I actually changed it a bit to talk about the message of the heart since true beauty comes from the heart. We can try to dress up and look pretty, and we may indeed look beautiful - but every man and woman knows that there are some ladies who seem to have a radiating beauty. It's not showy. It's not slutty. But rather the beauty engulfs her total appearance (physical, emotional, spiritual) and comes from a joy deep within - God's love flowing through her. It comes in the form of appearances in the things she wears and in the thoughtful things she does - this is the true beauty we should each strive for.

    Your challenge is this: practice letting the way you dress reflect the joy of your heart. If your heart isn't feeling joyful at the moment, wear something joyful anyway....I find that that can often change my attitude for the day. Feel free to use the picture if you need the quote as a reminder.


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