Monday, August 15, 2011

Thankfulness In The Shape Of A Cake

   Many times people do things for us that make us feel all warm inside. They selflessly sacrifice their time or money to share hope with us. They let God's love flow through them and you are the recipient. No money can buy the feeling that you get when someone goes out of their way to show you you're of worth. And no sum of money can be spent to remind us that our worth is in the Lord.

   One of the main themes of this blog is not just to encourage you to do "good things", but to have practical things you can use to show the character of your heart. Think of someone who's done something for you lately, whether big or small. Did you thank them? Perhaps you sent them a card or called them on the phone. Maybe you gave them a hug or dropped by their house just to say "thanks" for their support and encouragement. Well this time, take it one step further.

   In this day and age it seems like food is a great way to say thanks to people. Partially because we like to eat, but partially because it took time and care to create that food. That time and care shows our feelings toward that person. I know that sometimes people buy candy, or something from the local bakery, but next time, make them a cake. Or some other goody. It doesn't HAVE to be a sweet, but have it home-made. Show them that they're not worth a quick $1 of a card and $1.50 worth of bubblegum. When they take their time to do something special for you, show them that they mean so much more than just a quick $2.50. In fact, the cake would probably cost you less than $2.50 homemade - but nevertheless, the real worth that you are putting into it is your love and appreciation for that person. (I know sometimes "a card and candy" is truly all we have time for, and that's okay, but if you can squeeze in a couple minutes to whip something together, it will mean a ton to them)

   They show they care about you, then you show you care about them.

"So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith." ~ Galatians 6:10

   So next time you want to say a big thanks, go beyond a heart-felt card and do something even more special.

   Feel free to share your experience with a "big thank you" in your own life below, whether you (or a friend) made something or did something special to show how thankful you were.

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  1. very inspiring. Thank You (and Virtual cake to you : )

  2. You're welcome. A virtual cake! Ha ha! You made me laugh at that - thank you!


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